मेरा राष्ट्र सो रहा है

रे शोर ना मचा यहाँ
कि मेरा राष्ट्र सो रहा है ।।

अनभिज्ञ अपनी सठिसाई जवानी से
विमुख हो बीती भव्य कहानी से ।
वर्तमान से भी हो अनजान
सो रहा है यह चादर तान ।।

गंगा में बह गया हरिद्वार
कोशी-संतप्त हुआ बिहार ।



चलो पहाड़ बुला रहा है

चलो पहाड़ बुला रहा है।

यहाँ पग प्रयाण को तत्पर
वहाँ खड़ा वो दुर्गम भूधर
चुनौती दे क्या चिढ़ा रहा है?
चलो पहाड़ बुला रहा है।


The Self Goal of Mr. Sinde

Politics is a strange profession.  It was meant to have served the nation and to bring prosperity to the habitants of the country. However the ‘self’ becomes so important here that all other factors take a back seat.

Defense teaches its jawan “service first” – first the nation then the colleagues and the last yourself. Politics just puts it other way round. For one’s own benefit, one would not think of stabbing party men. Pt Nehru becoming prime minister over his party’s choices was obviously not the beginning point of the saga neither is the episode of outdoing each other praising their ‘not-so-young-anymore’ leader when he is anointed as VP of the party, the last straw.

For the benefit of party and to put others parties down is also as old. Whether be it Jayprakash Narayan being called CIA agent, sedition cases on opposition leaders or recently the ‘esteemed’ ‘awarded for his failure’ Home Minister (remember he was the power minister while whole of north India was reeling under power failure and the next day was promoted as home minister). making claims pf knowledge of terror camp run by his opposition party and their mother organization.

By doing so, he has not only taken a swipe on BJP but also have given an ammo to Pakistan to claim itself clean and to put the terror in India’s court. What a turn around in last 15 days. The country which was being blamed by the world for its heinous crime across the border, is blaming us for nurturing terror.  What a self-goal scored by Mr. Shinde. Sir, did you forget the fate of Escobar?

Another thing Mr. Shinde. If you are aware of and if you have the proof of terror camps being run by BJP/RSS combine, what are your responsibilities? As a responsible HM, you are supposed to have cracked down on those outfits and their camps. But alas, when did you learn the meaning of responsibilities? Your responsibility ends at letting the police crackdown on the anti-rape protesters.

Wake up and be honest to the nation. The Nation deserves that.  Remember as a Home minister, you are answerable to the Nation and not only to your party, performing petty politics.

BJP – Missing an opportunity

The voice of dissent in BJP is growing and why not? The party which took pride in maintaining high moral standards in public life is undeer the presidentship of a person with questionable business conduct,

Yes, nothing has been proven as yet. Yes, Mr Gadkari is ready for a probe. Yes, technically he mat pass on the way business happens.

But being a public figure brings in some additional responsibilities.  Remember 1995, Mr Advani, Mr Khurana and many of his likes stepped down just on mention of their initials, referred wrongly as their names and what it did for the party. It gave a clean image to the party and a bad name to their detractors in Congress.

The same could have been done here. The day his name popped up, he could have taken a moral high ground (?) and put in his paper. Instead he and the party went defensive.

The elections are at hands and at that time BJP needed an united voice under an able leader. The leader who would be aggressive as well as connected to the ground – may be in the same line as Mr. Advani of 1990s.  The current episode should have been taken by BJP as blessing in disguise. Karnataka unit has already done a lot of damage to the image of the party and when it was time to stand tall, the party ducked.

Is it that the party is contemplating the name of the replacement or is it the in-fight within the party, which results in lifeline for the current president?

Diplomacy or Boycott?

LTTE is long gone but the Tamil population of Srilanka is still facing issues with the Srilanka government. The news articles in India portrays Srilankan Tamils as hapless people. These poor folks get support from the land they have their roots in. Tamil Nadu governments lets no chance to show their support to Tamils in the neighboring Island Nation..

Karunanidhi went on fast to demand central government support for lankan Tamils and now the current chief Minister, Ms Jayalalitha leaves no stone unturn to provide support to them . But in which way?

An officer is sacked for allowing Lankan football team play a friendly match.  Lankan pilgrims are supposedly followed harassed and pelted at, resulting in lankan government airlifting them .

Now let us look at the scenario around us.

China is spreading its presence in Indian ocean and covering countries till Africa. China spread across our northern border and now trying to confine us from the southern side too.

At this time, we also need to spread east and west on our peninsula sea front. Srilanka makes a good spot for us to start with. We have committed diplomatic blunders in Maldives.

During Srilankan war against LTTE (a terrorist organization, which was blacklisted even in India), Indian government could not support the local government due to its political compulsion. In recreating the nation, Indian support was asked for and we delayed and let the opportunity pass off to China.

As if Chinese presence in PoK is not threatening enough, we shall have China in our backyard down south too. Even though it is not military, it is bad enough for India to have the red flag in that region.

Now is the time to get our neighbor in our folds and expand into the Ocean named after us and control it. The better the control, the better is the prospect for India in any future war. But we are busy in our petty politics.

Remember we have paid price for the same. In 1971 war against Pakistan, Srilanka had tilted towards Pakistan by allowing their ships refuel at their ports. The last thing we would require is Chinese warships near us.

I am not saying we should not care for or support Tamils in our neighborhood. But please, it is a domestic issue of that country and all we should do is to create an environment where Srilankan government shall listen to us and be friendly towards the unfortunate citizens. What diplomacy can achieve, boycott can never, So what’s the harm in being diplomatic and look for long term strategic benefits?

The first show

Today I took my son for a movie. It was his first visit to the movie. and his expressions were memorable. I have tried to jot down some of them here


Yesterday I heard the news that indo-pak cricket ties are to resume and the matches would be held in India. So no trip to Pakistan required for our cricketing heroes.

For cricketing world it is a good news as the rivalry between the two teams is as old as existence of the newer nation. Reviving an old rivalry is always fun,

But it throws a surprise…why at all? Why do we need to play against the nation, which harbors terror on its soil and refuses to act against those who acted against India. The city which is supposed to be the hub for Cricket in the country, Mumbai, was attacked and since then the sporting ties in any bilateral or tri-lateral series was called off. The emotions went so high that none of the Pakistani players were bought in auction of IPL. So what has changed since?

Pak is still refusing to act against the agents of terror. After Kasab, Abu Hamza was nabbed by the security forces of India and the evidences provided by Indian governments (the passport etc) were refuted by the terror-harping nation. Masood Azhar is still roaming free, escorted by governmental agencies of that nation.

After the attack, we stalled all our discussions with Pakistan but Indian Prime Minister could not hold himself from opening up the gates for the neighboring premier. we were back to the discussion table without any progress shown by them. Why did we have to do that?

Their foreign secretary and foreign ministers come to India on Indian government’s invitation and meet the separatists and jihadis even before their meeting with Indian delegates and still Indian delegate goes ahead with the meeting. Why?

We give the best facilities and a heart warming welcome to their team during World Cup and the moment the team is back to their own turf, the captain of that team does not stop from spitting venom against our nation, We still welcome them. Why?

PCB may be cash-strapped. but that’s their problem. No country in the world wants to visit that country and that is effecting their cricket team and the board..so what?

BCCI may need PCB for pushing some of its agenda but is it above our national interests?

Indian Captain says that as a professional, they are taught to be above their emotions. Sounds awesome and very professional isn’t it? But the question is why does the emotion crop up when “Only” 1 crore was awarded to each team member of the world-cup winning team? Why is the professionalism so selective? Why personal interests are higher than national one?

But what would you expect form a nation, where “sab kuchh chalta hai”.

New Rendezvous

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प्रथम स्पर्श

नयनों की आभा पलकों से

छलक, दूजी नयनों में प्रशस्त हुई ।

प्रश्न, उत्तर, प्रतिप्रश्न, प्रत्युत्तर

प्रति-स्मिता में परिणत हुई ।

हाँ, ना, शायद, अवश्य,

संशय के गुजरे क्षण-विशेष । (more)…

High pitch drama is on…

IPL has been a high pitch drama both on field and off it.

I went to watch the match between PCB and Delhi Daredevils. Thanks to our office we got free tickets to corporate stands.  With a group of friends I was at stadium in time for the team to start and late enough to make a colleague of mine wait for me and make many frentic calls to me to enquire how long would it take.

The place was abuzz with crowd and chaos. Peoploe waiting at entrance in a long queue. Thankfully our gate did not witness such a queue and we were in as soon as we reached there. Security was supposed to be really tight. But was it? One could opt to go through food stalls and thereby take another route to the seats, without even going through the metal detector gate.

Anyway, rubbing the concern aside, the environment inside the stadium was high Octane one. Loud speakers put at various spots and cheer leaders standing for the hits and misses to shake their legs.  RCB was to chase and as soon as the team walked in led by the captain Jumbo. Second thrilling shout came in when Viru the destroyer walked in with willow in his hand.

For the whole three and half hour, the crowd was going  high on the opium of fun. Though the local team had to face defeat, it did not take away the thrill of watching the match.

I am sure the same would be the saga at all the places/stadia that the matches would have been scheduled.

Oblivious of the spectator, another high level drama was going on far away from the stadium. Kochi and Pune teams were bought at unprecendeted prices. If that was not a big news enough, Lalit Modi, the chariman of IPL threw another verbal bomb in public space. Mr Tharoor was the target this time and media houses were the real gainer. They had sufficient material to run for next week or so. After all a central minister was involved with some juicy news from his personal life too.

But had Mr Modi imagined the backlash that it may call for or was he too sure of his own backings that he could not fathom the vengeance that the government would show, Moved by the sole motive of revenge, wrapped in sugar coating of clean governance of IPL council, the government moved with swiftness, hardly seen in case of terrorrist attacks and naxal attack. I just wish government would have been so active to counter attacks on common citizen too. But an alibi of good governance is more important than the facts of no governance and security. Dantewada is yet to be avenged and people  would have appreciated if government would have come out with action plan instead of formation of a inquiry commission.

Anyway the drama is on and forget Naxals, forget terrorist attacks, forget law and order effecting lives of millions, let us sit down and enjoy the tussle between Mr Modi and the government. Good going Mr Chidambaram and Dr. Singh!