The Black BeautyIt has been long since I wrote anything. To be exact, it was the day before the black beauty rolled into my house. Though I tried writing a couple of times, it could not make to the webpage. But more than that, it has been my frequent utilization of the black beauty, which kept me away from my keypads.


Ever since she rolled in, I had been busy with her only. My weekends have been spent on wheels traveling to new places. Here are some of my experiences:

Nandi Hills:

My first outing with the newly owned beauty – Scorpio. We decided to go to Nandi hills, ignoring the advices of some of my friends and well wishers. Even my co-travellers, Jaya and Satish were not aware how the route would be. It had been less than 4 days since I had started driving the vehicle and taking it uphill was more than a uphill task. The drive was nice till the base of the hill and thereafter it was a real tough job for me. The vehicle stopped twice on its way up and the wheels started rolling backwards. co-incidentally, both the times, it was the same pair of motorbike riders behind us and they would have cursed me with all their vocabularies for sure. I took a sigh of relief only once we reached to the top and could park the vehicle. Having said that, the journey downhill was not an easy one too. Always wary of the fact that there are so many hairpin turns and the viusibility of the upcoming vehicle was almost nill, I was at my wits end. Once down the hill, I stopped the vehicle and took some sips of water before I could realise that I had actually driven up and down a hill – quite an achivement for a 4 days old driver.


Having driven on Nandi Hills, my confidence had zoomed high and the idea of driving on a highway was more than welcome. Four of us – Amar had joined the old team, which went to Nandi hills, started on path of Shiva samudra. None of us were sure of the path and some how after some due dilligence and some U turns, we could reach there. The time spent there at the waterfall was enormous and we enjoyed it a lot. However it had an impact on my driving back. While returning, we once again took a wring road and went ahead for more than 20 KMs before we realised that we had never seen that road before. The long turning radius, that I required, brought the traffic from both sides to stand still. On the trip back, a stop at a dhaba and lying down on the typical nylon cotjust took away the pain of driving.

Bannerghatta National Park:

An eventless travel it was. hardly 10 KMs away from my house, there was hardly any event to be expected. But seeing the freely roaming lions and tigers was fun to look at.


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