Today he turned 1 month old.


The bundle of Joy

The bundle of Joy

1 month ago i remember holding him in my hands. The feeling of his fragility transcending through the cover he was wrapped in and my skin to my nerves. The simple act of opening his eyes were enough to throw me into the realm of ecstasy and his slightly abnormal (long) breathing sending butterflies in my stomach.

Generally I am afraid to hold a new born in my hands, afraid of hurting him in the process but this child was different. The fear gave way to excitement and excitement to elation while taking the nascent one in my palms.  The almost-four-kilo-child seemed light as a feather.

Earlier in the day, when I received the call from the doctor that the son was born, I was on my way to the hospital and the drive seemed so long. The wait for last nine months had finally come to an end.

And all I could say once I held the little life in my hands was that the wait was worth every single moment of ir.


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  1. Prem Piyush says:

    Betu….Welcome to (blog)world…..Waise papa ke chasma tak aapka haath pahunch sakta hai…

    God bless you Dear…

    Buddy…. Yeah its a just a different feeling holding a new born baby. Its pleasant to see you (us) changing since years………..

  2. aditisingh says:

    Dont call 1 month old, say 1 month young

  3. thebeam says:

    Congratulations!!! – though I will say that I missed any earlier announcement.

    You’ve now graduated to the next level. As you’ve been taught, now it is time for you to teach.

  4. Hey Congrats! He is so cute! He must be nearly three months now!

    God bless!

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